Maddie Hjort Owner of Sunset Andalucia Real Estate

Maddie Hjort

Danish born, from Copenhagen.

I have been in Sunny Spain, Costa Del Sol since 2002 where I have built up my companies, Sunset Andalucía Real Estate and Costa-Events, from scratch to the success they are today.

I started Sunset Andalucia, because I had 53 visitors in my first year of living in Spain, and some of the properties I had to rent for my friends and family were not always up to standard. So with that in mind, I was thinking....What do I want, when I book a vacation?


Having lived in America for a number of years, and dealing with very demanding tourists every day, I believe my services are professional and to a very high standard. I have always been proud of the personal service I provide.

I speak many different languages, including Danish, English and Spanish amongst others, so communication is never a problem.

16 years ago,I started selling properties when many of my tourists fell in love with our amazing area and wanted to invest.

I have strong local legal links which helps me to ensure that all of my clients, which have also become my friends, are protected regarding all the paperwork and financial transactions that are rquired.

I am happy to say I have a lot of very happy clients. I have always taken people out on trips, showing them around, I have organised private parties, Weddings on the beach, birthdays indeed any event which requires a celebration, and this has been proven to be such a success, that I started the company called "Costa-Events". Concert and PR work for the stars.


 I enjoy my jobs, all the people I meet, and the joys I can give them in my little paradise, which I can help make theirs also.


Welcome to my world.

Salvador Moreno Ruiz

Salva is our spanish Real Estate Agent.

He has been a sales person for 12 years and speaks Spanish, English and Danish.

Hes not just a good salesman, hes a great salesman

He will walk that exstra mile, to make sure you as a client, is taken well care off.

He will cover sales and long term rentals on the entire Costa del Sol, coast and inland.

0034 722 531 753

Maria henningsen. Owner of M Consult

Maria Henningen from M-Consults.

You can trust Maria to take care of you, your papers, family and your future.

Marias company will help you in this wold of papers. House sales, your taxes, tourist license, will etc.

Maria er dansk, og tar legal hånd om dig !

Riishoj Facility - High standard Cleaning, Meet & Greet and official Key Holders vest of Malaga

Meet Riishoj Facility Karina and Stella

Very high standard cleaning, reliable key holders and some of the nicest people around.

You will meet them west of Malaga.

+34620594448 +34631487182

Phil Brennan

Our UK Support Team Member,


Works alongside Maddie, to ensure compliance and correctness of the advertisements we place, this ensures that you have the full and most comprehensive written description of each property

Our UK support

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